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Chitter Chatter.... The Birth of Mothlions lmao

Misa [14.02.16 15:35] nine mothlions, the leader bein sage and 8 will be the "mothlion court" or w/e like the higher ups, gods basically

Misa [14.02.16 15:35] sage created them all in ancient times

Misa [14.02.16 15:35] each one represents a diff element and region

Misa [14.02.16 15:35] and they all have traits that have been passed onto their mothcat descendants

Misa [14.02.16 15:35] so like feesh tails will prob stem from the water lion

Misa [14.02.16 15:36] sage is stars/universe/contsellations so anything that has starry fur or whatnot is directly descended, tho tbh he's still progenitor every mothcat has his genes in some way or another because he is numero uno

Misa [14.02.16 15:39] mortal with really long lifesspans

Misa [14.02.16 15:40] so they're all tied to like a sacred place

Misa [14.02.16 15:40] maybe?

Misa [14.02.16 15:40] so like for tao yuan it'd be the actual immortal peach tree

Misa [14.02.16 15:42] i want waterlion to have skull island >:0

Misa [14.02.16 15:42] or like a mirage type island

Mothlion Types & Names

Progenitor (Lion of Stars)

  • Sage

Lion of Flame

  • Tao Yuan

Lion of Water

  • Alyconian King

Lion of Ice

  • Northern Lion

Lion of Flora

  • Ellisar ("Deceased")
  • Flower Lion

Lion of Stone

  • Earthy lion
  • Rocky lion

Lion of Crystal

  • Metal Lion
  • L-"Abra"-dorite (Crystal Lion)

Lion of Wind

  • Lives on a floating island

Lion of Lightning

  • "Raikyuu"