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Chimera traits refers to the combination of any two non-modifier traits to create a unique new trait. There's many things possible with this system!

How to Obtain

Pre-made Mothcats from various sources such as advents and auctions may come with chimera traits already included. These will be labeled accordingly.

To apply chimera traits to pre-existing Mothcats or MYOs, you must obtain and use Enchantment Potions combined with trait changes. These potions can be obtained through the Enchantment Station quest, in the ARPG.


To create a chimera trait, you need:

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    #368 is an example of a cat with a chimera trait: split membrane/feather wings.
    At least one trait change that corresponds to the trait you want to add to make the chimera
    • If the base trait is not already present on the cat, you may need another trait change.
  • An enchantment potion whose grade matches the highest rarity trait in the chimera.

Enchantment grades as compared to trait rarity are as follows:

Rarity Potion Grade
Common 1
Rare 2
Ultra Rare 3

Exclusive chimeras cannot be made by users. They're only available through customs and official sales.

Note that modifier traits do not count for determining grade, although chimeras still cannot be created from an exclusive modifier by users.

Modifier Traits/Exceptions

Some traits have the natural ability to be applied on top of another trait, without being a considered a chimera trait and requiring an enchantment potion. These traits are referred to as modifier traits.

Modifier traits need to follow certain rules, depending on the trait in question, in how they're applied in order to not be considered chimera. Anything outside of these rules would be considered chimera.

While modifiers do not need enchantment potions, they still require the appropriate rarity available traits for both the modifier and the trait being modified.

Examples of modifier traits include:

  • Double Antennae
    • Must be same type of antennae
  • Two-Tailed
    • Must be same type of tail
  • Split tail
    • Must be same type of tail
  • Tufted Ears/Northern Tuft Ears
  • Folded Ears/Mixed Ears
  • Northern Mane
    • The mane shape cannot be changed
    • The "material" of the mane may be changed.
  • Cherub Wings/Seraph Wings
    • Only for wing types with bones
    • Does not require an extra trait for standard feather wings
  • Elements, in some cases
    • Generally, if an element is replacing part of the base trait (such as beetle wings with inner fire), it is considered chimera. If the element is just attached, however (such as common wings being on fire), it's considered a modifier.
    • Some elements lend themselves better to modifiers then others
      • Solid elements (leaf, floral, etc.) will generally not be considered modifiers, as they cannot simply exist on top of the trait being modified.
      • Non-solid elements (fire, water, cloud) can be used for modifiers, but not all applications may be considered a modifier.
        #1126, a Mothcat with a feather tail over a classic tail.
        #1126 is an example of a cat with a chimera over a modifier trait: a double tail with two kinds of tails, feather and classic.

How to Apply

The logic of application and determining grade varies slightly depending on if the chimera contains a modifier trait or not.

Standard Chimera

The grade of enchantment potion required will always be the grade that matches the highest rarity trait involved, regardless of order.

If the cat already has the desired base trait, the chimera only requires the matching trait change and the enchantment potion. (A membrane winged cat would need a rare trait change and a grade 2 potion to have split feather/membrane wings)

If the cat doesn't have the desired base trait, the chimera needs the trait change for the base trait, the trait change for the new trait, and the enchantment potion. (A classic winged cat would need two rare trait changes and a grade 2 potion to have split feather/membrane wings)

This general logic is extended to any other circumstance, as long as it doesn't fall into another category.

Modifier Chimera

If a chimera trait is being used to make a modifier work outside of its standard rules, the modifier trait does not count for grade determination. (A cat with a classic tail would need a rare trait change, an ur trait change, and a grade 2 potion to have a double tail that's feather over classic)

However, exclusive modifiers still prevent user-made chimeras. (You can't make an unusually shaped Northern mane)

If a modifier trait setup is being converted into a chimera, but no traits are actually being changed, you only need the appropriate grade potion.

How to Change

To change an existing chimera trait, you need a trait change of the desired rarity, and the grade of potion that matches that trait. (If a cat that had a double tail with feather over classic had the classic tail changed into fluffy, it would only need a common trait change and a grade 1 potion)

Exclusive traits may still not be added in this manner.


Chimera traits may be applied at MYO creation, if the appropriate enchantment potion and trait slot/trait change are supplied. They may be applied to extant cats either through the salon, or by noting the main group, again presenting the enchantment potion and trait change.

Dubious potion enchantment rolls may also be used to apply chimera traits, if the roll matches the trait you want to create and you have the appropriate trait change.

Chimera traits are treated as normal trait changes by the self-serve salon, and thus do not incur a fee if they're the only major change being made to the Mothcat.

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